The Blessing Bracelet Movie Inspired By Blessing Bracelets Premieres Easter Sunday

March 29 03:00 2023

Made As Intended, a jewelry manufacturer based in the western suburbs of Chicago and known for producing the Blessing Bracelet, announces that coinciding with the release of the movie “The Blessing Bracelet,” inspired by the bracelet of the same name, they have reached a milestone of 1.5 million bracelets sold.

Dawn Sprong, who started the company, said, “The profound effect of gratitude is beyond what most of us can comprehend; it is magical. It overflows you, and you can’t help but start to pay it forward”. 

The Blessing Bracelet is a popular accessory that has sold 1.5 million units worldwide, promoting gratitude and appreciation. Each bracelet is hand strung in Darien, IL. and comes with a tag containing a message from its founder, Dawn Sprong, encouraging wearers to recognize all the blessings in their lives each time they notice the bracelet.

Sprong’s own experience with gratitude inspired her to create the Blessing Bracelet, and many users have found inspiration and support during difficult times by wearing it. The company, Made As Intended, focuses on creating intentional products that promote a shift in perspective towards gratitude and consciousness, believing that personal change can lead to global change.

Dawn Sprong, inspired by a message about the power of gratitude, retired from her corporate career to create The Blessing Bracelet. The bracelet has a positive impact not only on wearers, but also on those involved in making it, allowing them to realize their inner potential, recognize and remember blessings in their lives, give back to communities and inspire others. Made with high-quality materials and crafted in a facility near Chicago, the gemstone designs aim to support individuals in realizing their life’s intentions and remind them of their purpose.

The Blessings Bracelets come in a variety of styles, including gemstones, gold filled, birthstone crystals, children’s, stacks, and more.

Sprong said she is excited to see if the success of the bracelet allows her and her husband to follow their dream of opening a sanctuary for unwanted animals.

The Blessings Bracelet Movie premieres on Easter Sunday on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the trailer can be found here.

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