The call of the roots. Is the present a reflection of the past?

September 12 15:42 2022
The call of the roots. Is the present a reflection of the past?
Blood Tells No Lies by Giampiero D’Angelo
Blood Tells No Lies is a fictional masterpiece written by Canadian-based writer Giampiero D’Angelo. He is ready to launch another exceptional piece of work for the world to experience, with his life sketching narrative style and down-to-earth characters.

“Only your blood can answer all of those questions you have and don’t be afraid Luca,” he says, using his Italian name. “Blood tells no lies.”

Blood Tells No Lies is a story of a man, whose life takes a U-turn when he pays an unexpected visit to Corleone. Will the whispering jitters of the past come forth for payment due or recompense. He has to uncover the secrets that haunt him and protect himself from the danger that lurks closer with each passing second. He is adamant about achieving his goal and putting to rest the rumors that surround his existence. His features have a deadly reflection, the one the city murmurs about. Thickened in mystery his life awaits a missing puzzle piece.

This book highlights the struggle of the protagonist, who with the help of enigmatic Alessandra, tries to pull himself from the vines of his past, his latched-on heritage that he tries to detangle, but the more he resists, the more it fastens around his body. Blood is thick, they say, but is it everlasting. This book has the power to speak to the ones who struggle with internal conflicts and suffer at the hands of decaying roots. Luke wants to set things straight, but the price is heavy. A truth that might make him question what he stands for and what he believes in.

Giampiero D’Angelo, with his descriptive narrative, sketches the emotions of love, pain, betrayal, and happiness. He carves the experience for the reader to witness, to fall in love with the protagonist, to feel the pang of loss with him, and be in his shoes when a conflict ensues. He has the power to bring characters into life and sketch the scenic views of Corleone and New York with lively imagery. The author captures a glance of life and folds it into a book for the world to cherish. His purpose is to make you ponder on your existence, what you are here for and what is your purpose in life is. Through the eyes of Luke, he unlocks many secrets and demystifies the truth.  

The novel Blood Tells No Lies is now available for purchase in E-Book, Paperback and Hardcover format from Amazon.

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