World’s First Pick-up Play and Earn App ‘Coast 2 Coast’ Debuts on Kickstarter

September 11 06:29 2018

The trend of playing pick-up games is growing fast, and a new app aims to monetize it for everyone. Coast 2 Coast, the world’s first app that allows players to earn by simply playing the game, even when other players aren’t using the app. Coast 2 Coast is all set to revolutionize pick-up games, and will debut on Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

More people play pick-up games today than formal and organized competitions. One reason for playing pick-up, basketball or soccer is that there are less rigid rules and formalities. However, players often face the hurdle of figuring out where and with whom to set up a contest, and how safe or amenable the venue and the weather will turn out.

Imagine traveling across the US playing pick-up games and earning rewards for wins and points scored, even when other players do not have the app. Coast 2 Coast is a social pick-up sports platform that will let players earn money on their own just by using the app, even if they are the only one in the state using it. All that the user has to do is pick up the app, tell it about the game and points scored, and win fabulous rewards at major sports retail stores.

Coast 2 Coast is the first app that pays you to play. The app not only pays players to play, but allows you to challenge anybody in your city with the winner getting paid,” says Joshua Mckellar, creator of Coast 2 Coast.

Using Coast 2 Coast is simple. Players can go to the place where they usually play, select the game and choose the number of players, and start playing. Upon conclusion, they can inform the app of points won and the final score. The app uses various methods to ensure fair reporting, such as point total v/s total, number of players, spectator mode and daily point cap.

The app currently supports basketball, soccer and football, and offers rewards for number of shots in basketball, and for wins in football and soccer. The app will soon support more sports such as baseball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, mixed martial arts and running. This will be a new digital community where players can set up their profile, chat with friends and other pick-up players, and invite them for play.

Pick-up games are more fun with challenges and competitions. Coast 2 Coast allows setting up one-on-one Challenges with anyone in the city with credits staked from both sides, and the winner gets to keep them all. There are also Daily Tasks where players earn bonus points for venturing out and playing at other suggested venues. The Bounty Hunter is for challenging the top players of the area for a special bonus. The Spectator Mode lets anyone become a referee, report on the game and earn credits.

The rewards from Coast 2 Coast are exciting gift cards and discounts at major retail stores such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Jordan, Under Armour, etc. Also included are gift credits to outlets such as Chipotle, Tropical Café Smoothie and Amazon.

Coast 2 Coast has earned favorable views from names such as Jaguars running back and NFL Future Hall of Famer, Fred Taylor; CFL linebacker and Florida native, Terrence Plummer; and coach and motivational speaker, Joseph Griggs.

Josh Mckellar, the creator of Coast 2 Coast, is the son of two marines, a sports fanatic, and currently based in Miami and undergoing training for the NFL. The idea behind the app came to him when on a visit to California, where he struggled to find a pickup game to join, and wasn’t sure if the venues would be ideal for play. Josh has been working on the app for the last two years along with expert developers and designers.

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