MACOMA, LLC releases new revolutionary eco-friendly and chemical-free, intelligent, multifunctional nano technology that PURIFIES AIR

September 11 06:09 2018
FN® Coating is a breakthrough multi-functional photocatalytic coating that can be applied on any building surface to eliminate all kinds of toxic elements from the air to create a sanitary and disease-free environment. It is an environmental-friendly product that does not use harmful chemicals for cleansing.

September 11, 2018 – MACOMA, LLC is pleased to announce the worldwide release of breakthrough FN®Coating air purifier. The FIRST of its kind, FN® Coating is a revolutionary multi-functional photocatalytic coating which has proven to help with powerful air depollution, creation of sound sanitary environments and protection of interior and exterior surfaces. The product represents the second generation of photocatalytic products and is 100x more effective compared to its previous counterpart. 

FN® Coating is the result of decades of comprehensive research, millions of funding and investments, numerous licensing agreements, copyrights and pioneering patent in the United States. The next-generation coating is invented by Dr Jan Prochazka, manufactured by US-based FN®Nano, Inc. and MACOMA, LLC is the official worldwide distributor of the product. 

FN® Coating has proven to successfully prevent viruses, bacteria and mold as well as eliminate all kinds of toxic elements from the air like tobacco smoke and VOCs. The state of the art multi-functional photocatalytic coating effectively eliminates air pollutants from indoor or outdoor air which in turn minimizes exposure to health & environmental hazards resulting from air pollution. 

FN® Coating can be applied on walls, ceilings, exterior walls and can be used for residential homes, commercial units as well as public buildings and medical facilities. The product holds all certifications for effective use in hospitals, public building, schools and food industry. 

“Air pollution is an alarming problem today resulting in chronic health issues and even death. FN®Coating comes as a life-saver here with its advanced photocatalytic nano technology. The coating acts as a chemical-free and ozone-free air purifier to ensure clean safe air for users, without leaving any harmful residue for our planet. It’s a sustainable and cost-effective solution to create the best sanitary environment either at home or office and to enjoy a healthy life”, stated Ezekiel Martin, the co-founder and director of MACOMA, LLC

The powerful FN® Coating is equipped with a sustainable binder which is able to keep titanium dioxide nano-crystals on the surface. 

 The photocatalytic coatings have passed a series of tests including the ISO 16000-10, ISO 16000-11 methods, which are part of the CDPH standard method.  ISO 16000-10:2006 specifies a general laboratory test method for determination of the area specific emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Architects, specifiers, contractors, and building occupants can rest assure that the coatings have been tested extensively.

FN® Coating assures preventive and permanent protection to your building and walls without releasing any harmful chemical in the environment. 

FN®NANO has proven to offer a wide range of benefits:

• FN® Coatings serve as a highly efficient, economical and maintenance-free air purifier 

• The product eliminates spores, bad odors as well as allergens like mite excrements that may otherwise causes serious health issues in humans 

• Removes toxic compounds and allergens prevalent even in extremely low concentrations 

• Reduces transmission of airborne infections 

• Backed by ecological technology that assures no harmful side-effects both for users and the environment 

• Prevents discoloration in buildings 

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