Auto CPAP Machines – How Are They Beneficial in Treating Sleep Apnea

September 11 05:53 2018

The usage of CPAP machines is known to be a standout amongst the most regular treatment way at any point known by specialists for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea. On the off chance that you are not conscious of what sleep apnea is, it is a disorder that is portrayed by as often as a possible interruption of breathing during sleep.

A CPAP machine serves the purpose of blowing air through the obstructed air passage with an aim to clear the blockage and allow normal flow of air. There are various kinds of CPAP machines available in the market that you need to be aware of to make a choice that best caters to your treatment needs. While fixed CPAP machines blow air at a constant pressure throughout the night, auto CPAP machines are designed to detect your breathing pattern and deliver air pressures accordingly. The ability of automatic machines to provide pressures by the differences in breathing patterns make them a more advantageous and compelling alternative for treating sleep apnea.

Possible Reasons for Your Pressure Needs to Change

Your pressure needs can change owing to some possible reasons either at different intervals over the same night or a specified period.

Here are some possible reasons for pressure requirements to change:

Change in Sleeping Position: Your pressure requirements can vary considerably with changes in your sleeping position. If you are someone who turns their sleeping postures several times throughout the night, an auto CPAP machine is undoubtedly a more beneficial option.

Weight Gain or Loss: A little variation in your body mass, either on the higher or, the lower side, can lead to a change in your pressure needs.

Tiredness and Fatigue: Being more tired and exhausted than usual can lead to a change in the amount of pressure you need

Different Stage of Sleep: Over the span of the night, people experience distinctive periods of sleep. Pressure needs may change with each evolving stage. For instance, your pressure necessities during the deep sleep stage can contrast to a great extent from the requirements during the REM sleep stage.

Auto CPAP Machines – Key Benefits They Present

Auto CPAP machines can present some benefits for sleep apnea patients. One of the most significant benefits is that automatic sleep apnea equipment can sense the amount of pressure needed to eliminate obstruction from the air passage by monitoring the breathing pattern in a sleep apnea patient. This leads to a more effective CPAP therapy owing to the simple reason that there’s no point maintaining a constant pressure when a sleep apnea patient can breathe normally during at least some portion of the night. According to studies, auto CPAP machines deliver pressure that is approximately 40% less than the pressure provided by a CPAP machine during a night. This controlled and reduced pressure levels make the use of CPAP machines more tolerable and comfortable for new users.

When you are diagnosed with sleep apnea and are prescribed by your doctor to use a CPAP machine, knowing the critical benefits presented by automatic sleep apnea equipment can help you make a smart choice.

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