Health Professional Turned Freelancer KC Found Success in New Career

October 04 22:14 2022
Kristy Carla, also famous as KC, is a health professional who changed careers due to low compensation and found freelancing a stable career option.

KC grew up in a family where both of her parents were health professionals and worked day and night for the well-being of others. She became a mother right before graduating and needed to earn money for her pregnancy as she didn’t want to rely on her parents and become a burden to them. After watching her parents from childhood working as a physician and a nurse, KC thought about studying nursing in the future. But she faced many hardships that caused her nursing career to take a minor hit.

Kristy Carla thought the only hope for her career was to finish her final nursing semesters to gain stability and become a caring parent. The e-commerce business seemed to cover her expenses, so KC turned things around. She also ventured into the Car Buy and Sell company and eventually landed in a BPO workforce. 

After graduating from nursing, KC briefly started to work at a government hospital but soon realized that she had to switch careers due to low compensation in the field. She remained persistent and dedicated to making her way to the top. Due to her qualifications and attitude of hard-working work and positive relationships, she was offered a role in one of the biggest BPO companies in the Philippines as a non-clinical data analyst. KC’s dedication proved fruitful as she was promoted to an associate manager role and started earning a five-digit income within two years. 

Still, all of this wasn’t enough. KC acquired a Master’s degree in Nursing and focused on Nurse management & administration to become more productive. She also took certification courses to become a social media manager and freelancer, which will provide extra income on top of her regular employment.

Mary Kay Ash quotes, “Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go further than your mind lets you. What you believe, remember you can achieve.”

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop the growth of the company. The marketing agency started with KC’s freelance work. She saw an opportunity after one of her clients decided to remove content marketing from his service, which proved beneficial for her. She decided to continue working on content marketing with the client’s approval and started a local marketing team of 3 in the Philippines. Now, the company’s primary goal is to expand to the USA, as most of KC’s clients are from outside her own country.

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About Kristy Carla (KC)

KC  is a go-getter and enthusiastic learner who craves proficient knowledge and has a brilliant mind that makes her quickly grab the fundamentals of a new field. She enhanced her skill level in instructional design, project transitions, and stakeholder management for voice and non-voice accounts. She also loves challenges and works hard for quality and positive working relationships.

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