Exploring the Neighborhood Pronghorn Community by James Szczur (Professor Jim)

August 12 13:03 2022
Exploring the Neighborhood Pronghorn Community by James Szczur (Professor Jim)

Join Jim and discover the mysteries of the pronghorn during a time and place before urban expansion pushes the pronghorn further away.

This book is for all ages interested in Colorado wilderness adventure and encountering prairie wildlife, especially the pronghorn. Entering Colorado pronghorn territory to observe their habits and behavior was a new adventure for Jim himself, satisfying his long-held curiosity about pronghorn life. It all began with a nature walk in an area where home builders are hard at work converting prairie into an expanded neighborhood. He immediately developed a passion for keeping track of what the pronghorn herd was up to and possibly finding their bone or shed horn artifacts. In a fifteen-month period, he completed 53 such pronghorn-safari nature walks.

Intertwined are his technical findings as well as adventures and surprises along the way, brought to life with abundant photographs and illustrations. At the same time, explaining the who, what, where, and why of pronghorn, he share his cognitive, emotional, and spiritual impressions encountered during his “not so far from home” wilderness adventures. This literary work is succinct and fun to read with a combination of scientific facts and personal observations overlaid with wonderment, humorous, and sometimes poignant storytelling.

This literary work aims to present research observations and discoveries of a pronghorn herd located in central Colorado near Colorado Springs from November 2020 through April 2022 over the course of 53 field safaris (observing pronghorns, not hunting them) over 320 hours in the field.

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