New live streaming app Lovecast making big waves in the virtual wedding scene, already used by 10,000+ couples

August 02 21:28 2021
Lovecast is a new cutting-edge virtual wedding live streaming app that assures HD-quality video and audio as well as highly convenient operation.

Walnut, CA – August 02, 2021 – A U.S.-based couple, Neil and Jinjing, is all set to revolutionize the scene of virtual weddings with a state-of-the-art dedicated live streaming app specially made for an enjoyable wedding experience. Lovecast, as it is called, is raising a storm in the wedding world and has already been used by a whopping number of 10,000+ couples. Available for download on iOS & Android phones, the app has been exceptionally received with a stellar 4.9 App Store Rating. 

Unlike other expensive “virtual wedding services” out there, Lovecast is free to use. However, a paid option is also available for an elevated experience.  

In an exclusive interview, Neil and Jinjing, ex-senior software engineers at Uber and Google, revealed that Lovecast had been developed to resolve the typical complexity, low video quality, and overall lack of wedding features when streaming a wedding with conventional web conferencing or social media apps like Zoom or Hangout. The app is driven by the mission to make attending a wedding virtually as enjoyable as in-person. Simple to use, the Lovecast app streams HD quality video and audio to ensure a phenomenal experience for guests attending the wedding virtually.  

“The COVID-19 pandemic is still prevailing, and worse, many vaccinated people are getting infected too, especially in the wake of the Delta variant. No wonder soon-to-be-wed couples are a little apprehensive of large social gatherings. And with many national borders closed, many international family members and friends cannot attend weddings in person. Given such circumstances, a virtual wedding seems to be the safest and most viable solution here. Traditional video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Hangout are not only complicated to use but are also unable to provide high-quality video streams- and that spoils the whole experience for the guests. This is where our user-friendly yet highly advanced virtual wedding live streaming app Lovecast offers a smarter alternative.”, stated the founders of the app.  

A unique selling point of Lovecast is the ease of use for both couples and their guests. Unlike traditional web conferencing apps that generally leave users baffled with too many buttons and too many procedures, Lovecast follows an easy one-click operation. After creating the event, the host would share the link with their guests and press a button to go live in just seconds. Guests, who would be attending the wedding on Lovecast, won’t need to download or install the app. The only thing they would have to do here is to click on the Lovecast event link (sent by the host) on any device of their choice, and they can watch the event live.  

Hosts won’t need anything more than a standard smartphone and stable internet connection to live stream their virtual wedding over Lovecast. The app has helped couples stream from their backyards, churches, and even remote wedding destinations with ease. Lovecast wants to connect friends and family wherever they may be.

Top features of Lovecast:

  • No download and no log-in, simple one-click view for guests
  • One-way streaming service, which means guest chats and conversations won’t create any sort of noise at the event
  • Extremely user-friendly even for seniors
  • HD quality video (1080p) and audio
  • Guests can watch the live stream on any device, including a TV
  • The ability for virtual guests to sign the photo guestbook, shop on the registry, and toss virtual rice
  • Customizable experience via auto-play welcome videos and toggle on-off features
  • Automatically records live streams and saves them in the form of video recordings.
  • Automatic notifications each time the couple goes live 

Lovecast is available for users located anywhere across the globe.

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