Texas Based “Thor’s Hammer” Launches Most Advanced Massage Percussion Gun for Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment

August 02 21:07 2021
Thor’s Hammer RRS P-Class Massage Gun is a state-of-the-art massage gun which promises faster and more efficient recovery from muscle pain or deep tissue injury.

Dallas, Texas – August 02, 2021 – Texas based Thor’s Hammer Resilience and Recovery Solutions (RRS) has recently launched the latest and most advanced deep tissue muscle massager for state-of-the-art muscle treatment. Titled “Thor’s Hammer RRS P-Class Massage Gun,” the new massager is intelligently designed to target most of the body’s muscles as well as penetrate into the deepest layers of tissue for more effective recovery. The tool is backed by the classic scientifically validated technology of Vibration and Percussion stimulation which is widely acknowledged as a powerful recovery protocol in the arena of sports and injury rehabilitation.

Thor’s Hammer is an initiative by three visionary collaborators – Taylor Gates (serial entrepreneur), Ayman Boutari (professional soccer player), and Dr Steve Horwitz, DC (leading sports doctor, sports performance coach and powerlifter).

“Regular massage tools might offer temporary relief from pain and injury but as a professional athlete I can tell you that there are always gaps to be filled. As a result, you never really recover from the pain completely. There is an urgent need for a superior and affordable massage gun that can offer comprehensive coverage for the all muscle groups and penetrate deeper into tissue layers for efficient and sustainable recovery. This is where our breakthrough for Thor’s Hammer RRS P-Class Massage Gun comes into play,” stated Ayman Boutari, Partner at Thor’s Hammer. 

One of the major features of the latest massage gun is its 4 massage head attachments that help the tool target various parts of the body. This cutting-edge versatile coverage is not viable with regular foam muscle rollers/sticks as they can’t penetrate and reach deep tissue in the muscle. The 4 head attachments are:

  • Flat head attachment – softens dense muscle
  • 2-finger flex attachment – targets bony area such as the neck
  • Ball cushion attachment – soothes muscle soreness
  • Precision pinpoint attachment – releases trigger points

The percussion massager is equipped with an industry-leading 16mm stroke amplitude motor that helps it to touch even the deepest layers of soft tissue for deeper and precise massage. 

“Unlike conventional cheaply-made percussion muscle rollers, our advanced massage gun is powered with everything one needs to reduce muscle tissue pain, strains, aches, stress as well as fatigue. You have a state-of-the-art massage tool that rewards users with the ultimate premium massage experience of a professional body spa service. Put simply, it’s the most comfortable and powerful massage tool we have ever experienced.” Added Taylor Gates, Partner at Thor’s Hammer.

Top features and benefits of Thor’s Hammer RRS P-Class Massage Gun:

  • Newest and most advanced deep muscle massage gun
  • Comes with 4 attachments to target various muscles, with reach to deeper tissue layers which is otherwise not viable with regular massage devices
  • 3 positions for head rotation
  • Handheld device with comfortable non-slip grip handle
  • Faster and more efficient muscle recovery which eventually leads to improved blood circulation and enhanced range of motion
  • Allows user to choose between 3 speed strength levels (2400-2100-1800 RPM)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful and fast charging (2-3 hours) 24V 2000 mAh battery
  • Longer battery span (3-7 hours working time)
  • Comes with Travel-friendly secured storage hard case with separate storage case for each massage head
  • 1 year warranty

“The research supports percussion and vibration therapy as a safe way to decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, improve muscle strength, and enhance training performance. Our state-of-the-art massage gun is the most sophisticated form of local percussion therapy. And it is great for older athletes like me,” stated Dr Steve Horwitz, Partner at Thor’s Hammer. 

Thor’s Hammer RRS P-Class Massage Gun Comes with 100% 30 days Risk-free trial.

For more information, please visit https://thorshammer.com

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