With the Cold Weather Fast Approaching it is Wise to Check All Wiring and Electrical Parts

October 21 11:05 2020

It is always important for every property owner or business to ensure that all electrical wiring and parts are not old, damaged, and worn.  This can lead to fires and electrical fires are notoriously hazardous and can go unnoticed until a major fire breaks out.  Astoundingly, in Canada alone, 20% of electrical fires are started because of faulty or worn out wiring and electrical parts.  Not only do faulty electrical parts and wiring cause fires but can lead to shocks that can be debilitating and dangerous to individuals in a property.  The instances of deadly shock occur most often in the construction industry where power tools are routinely used and can conduct the shock quickly to the user of the tools.  This can even result in death sometimes. Although all electrical supplies and wiring should be safe at all times and routinely inspected, routine replacement and inspection should occur more often in the winter, as the use of electrical heat and other types of heat can easily overburden a system if the system is not in perfect order. 

According to Fire Prevention Canada, there are several reasons why fires occur more in winter.

More usage on electrical components such as wiring and breakers, are one of the reasons.  Canadians use more space heaters, more main heating equipment, and even more lights during the colder months.  There are also holidays where electrical overload due to decorations can occur and many fires do start in Canada and around the world during the holiday periods.  Fire Prevention Canada published by the Canadian Government does give tips and pointers as well as statistics on these types of fires and how to prevent them.  One prevention method is to ensure that all electrical components, even minor ones such as breaker boxes and wiring is in good solid working order.  The recommendation is to have a thorough inspection of all electrical parts prior to the start of the winter season.

A good electric supply company like CSG Electric Supply of Toronto should be chosen. 

CSG provides all types of electric components that are safe and of the highest quality.  Their technicians and staff are well-versed and can help any consumer choose the correct type of parts they need, as well as offer tips on installation, or even install components themselves.  Inspections are also available if needed.  Electrical components and parts must meet safety standards implicitly.  Only quality parts and installation should be chosen as safety must always be the number one priority.  CSG Electric Supply understands this and provides the ultimate in safety in all its parts and supplies.

About CSG Electric Supply

CSG Electric Supply has been serving the GTA area for years in quality parts and electrical service and advice.  Come the winter months, there are featured products on all electrical parts, from breakers, to electric construction heaters, to conduits and wiring.  Technicians are licensed and certified and will assist any consumer.  An entire list of parts and components appears on their website and pictures of the parts and components. They have a phone, email, and a contact form on their website.

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