Life coach and best-selling author Chrys-Ann Ambrose’s new book to inspire women to speak up for themselves

January 28 05:06 2020
“Unique Pieces of the Masterpiece” by Chrys-Ann Ambrose is driven by the mission to empower readers to find their spark in life, realize their worth, overcome binding obstacles and live their goals to the fullest.

London, UK – January 28, 2020 – No more struggling in the dark abyss of abuse, deprivation and gender violence. Leading transformation life coach and best-selling author Chrys-Ann Ambrose is soon to launch her new book which aims to inspire women to understand their true worth and rise to positivity from darkness. Titled “Unique Pieces of the Masterpiece – A Love Letter to Women”, the upcoming book beckons women around the world to break all shackles wrongfully imposed upon them and spread their wings to fulfill all their dreams and goals in life.

The official launch of the book is scheduled for January 31, 2020. There cannot be a more apt time to launch the book than the current era when the entire world is abuzz with proactive campaigns for women empowerment and liberating slogans like #metoo and #timesup. 

“Unique Pieces of the Masterpiece” unfolds a love letter that the author has written addressed to fellow women all across the world. Over the pages, has poured her heart out in a heart-touching letter that pleads to women to understand their true worth and value in this world.

“As a life transformation coach, I have worked with several women over the years and I have observed something in common with many women out there. All of them fail to realize their actual worth and value. The primary reason here is that, as women, we are so occupied in making everyone’s life easier, that we tend to forget ourselves. People around us too don’t realize our significance in their lives and we often end up being taken for granted. But we too have the right to live our goals and aspirations. What’s missing here is a push that will nudge us to break free of the darkness we are in and march out with a positive attitude. And my new book will render that much needed fillip to empower women to overcome all obstacles and shine in life”, stated Chrys-Ann Ambrose.

“Unique Pieces of the Masterpiece – A Love Letter to Women” is inspired by the author’s own struggles with abuse and her brave fight to overcome them with glory. Through her new book, Chrys-Ann Ambrose aspires to educate her fellow sisters about debilitating and destructive habits that hinder growth and development. Alongside, the book also aids the readers to build a powerful, successful and happy life. It’s for the first time that the author has shared her own story which she believes will help many other victims like her to overcome the challenges the way she did.   

“Every woman has to experience struggles in her life which will tend to drown her further down in abyss. But, being a smart woman, you can’t get bogged down by them. Rather, you should  use these challenges as a bridge and a ladder to reach heights unknown in the most phenomenal way so that your story brings hope for our other fellow women out there. This is where my new book will be your guide that will help you to regenerate your value, manifest your greatness, realize your goals and empower others.” 

“Unique Pieces of the Masterpiece – A Love Letter to Women” will be released soon on Amazon.

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A leading international life transformation coach, motivational speaker and author, Chrys-Ann Ambrose is an inspiration to many. She is focused on empowering women and guide them towards a better life through her motivational coaching and inspiring books. 

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